SP Flash Tool

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What is SP FLASH Tool?

SP Flash Tool, also known as the Smartphone Flash Tool, is a free software designed by MediaTek specifically for MediaTek-powered Android devices (MediaTek is a popular chip manufacturer, many smartphones and tablets use their manufactured chips). SP Flash tool is designed specifically for devices with MediaTek chipsets, therefore it is not compatible with other chipsets like Qualcomm or Exynos. SP Flash tool is primarily used for:

  • Flashing firmware
  • Flashing stock ROMs
  • Installing custom ROMs
  • Installing new Operating systems
  • Recovering from software crashes
  • Reviving a phone (that’s gotten stuck in a boot loop)
  • Updating firmware

SP Flash Tool is an extremely powerful tool, so use it with caution. Flashing the incorrect firmware or making mistakes throughout the procedure might harm your device.

Software Name:
 SP Flash Tool
Latest: SP Flash Tool v5 & v6
Developer: MediaTek
Compatible: Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 8.1 / Win 10 / Win 11